A complete list of all Legoland rides (with height restrictions)

For lego enthusiasts and families with young children Legoland Windsor is a must visit destination! We use our merlin passes to go to Legoland loads because it’s perfect for us with two young children. But let’s face it, unless you have a Merlin Pass it’s not exactly a cheap day out so you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your visit.

That’s why we’ve put together this post of the Legoland rides and height restrictions. We’ve listed the rides by their height restriction to make it easy for you to plan your visit no matter who you’re visiting with. 

List of Legoland rides by height restriction

Here’s the height restriction breakdown of the rides, click on one to be taken straight to that section in the post or keep reading to learn more about the Legoland rides. 

Legoland Rides: No Height Restriction 

Lego City Deep Sea Adventure

The Lego City Deep Sea Adventure ride at Legoland Windsor is one of our favourite rides. You’ll jump on a submarine that travels into an underwater world where you can watch the fish, sharks and even stingrays swim around you. 

Coastguard HQ

In the Coastguard HQ ride at Legoland Windsor every child get’s to live their dream – getting to drive their own boat! In this ride you get to control your own mini boat around a lake, under a bridge and back through to the entrance/exit for the ride. As you can imagine, with children in control there are many collisions and it’s easy to get wedged in the thinner parts with another boat – luckily they don’t go fast enough to do any damage! The queue can be quite long for this one so if you walk past and there’s a short queue jump on it while you can. 

Laser Raiders

The Laser Raiders ride at Legoland Windsor is your typical point and shoot game with the aim being to hit as many targets with your laser to get the most points. While it can be fun to go on this ride we find the queue to always be way too long to make the ride worth it. 

Legoland Express

If you’re looking for a way to get some great views of the park then hop on the Legoland Express ride, a relaxing train journey that takes you around the park. Along the way see how many lego animals you can spot hidden amongst the trees. The queue always looks huge for this ride but as the train is quite long it goes down pretty quickly. 

Fairy Tale Brook

The Fairy Tale Brook ride at Legoland Windsor is perfect for younger children, you can relax as your boat goes through the scenes of various fairy tales. The figures make noise, talk and wave as you go round and it’s fun for the whole family to guess which fairy tale you’re moving to next. 

Aero Nomad

The Aero Nomad ride at Legoland Windsor is a ferris wheel where you jump in a dessert basket to get a birds eye view of the park. This is a perfect option for anyone with smaller kids or young babies who can’t enjoy as many of the rides. 

Legoland Ninjago

Work on your ninja skills on the Ninjago ride at Legoland Windsor as you use your hands to chop your way to victory. This ride doesn’t exactly give you an adrenaline rush but it is some good family fun to see who wins bragging rights until your next visit. 

Desert Chase

The Desert Chase ride at Legoland Windsor is a standard carousel ride – a bit boring for our 7 year old but a great option for a baby or those under 0.9 who can’t enjoy some of the bigger rides. 

Duplo Express

The Duplo Express ride at Legoland Windsor is a short train ride that stays on flat ground with no dips or swoops. A great option for to keep busy with young children who aren’t tall enough to go on some of the bigger rides.

Legoland Rides: Height Restriction Over 0.9

Duplo Airport

The Duplo Airport ride at Legoland Windsor is your chance to be a pilot as you fly up and down in the Lego helicopters. A word of warning though – it’s a bit of a tight squeeze for adults and probably very uncomfortable if you’re over average height. 

Destiny’s Bounty

A smaller version of the Jolly Rocker ride, Destiny’s Bounty is a small boat that twists and turns while rocking backwards and forwards. 

Spinning Spider

Avoid the Spinning Spider ride at Legoland Windsor if you suffer with motion sickness. Not only do the mini buckets spin around underneat a giant spiders web, but you can also

Fire Academy

The Fire Academy ride at Legoland Windsor is such a fun ride for the whole family to get involved. Race against other groups as you take your fire engine from the station to a burning building and use the water hose to put the fire out. The first group back to the fire station can claim ultimate bragging rights!

Merlin’s Challenge

 Merlin’s Challenge ride at Legoland Windsor is a typical waltzer ride. It goes pretty fast so it can be a fun ride. Word of warning – this ride can be a tight squeeze, even for an adult and a child.

Dragons Apprentice

The Dragon’s Apprentice ride is suitable for younger knights who are too small for the main dragon ride. Still with twists and turns you’ll travel through the forest and under the cave while the dragon breathes his fiery steam

Sky Rider

The Sky Rider ride at Legoland Windsor is close to the one of the first rides you’ll get to if you go left at the top of the hill which makes it the perfect first ride for you. While only a short ride it gives you a great view of the park, especially the Miniland area. 

Haunted House Monster Party

Enter the Haunted House Monster Party through the doors of the haunted mansion and enjoy a quick monster party before moving through to the main ride. Sitting in long bench seats you continue the party while the room moving around you makes it seem as though you’re going upside down – in reality you’re barely swinging backwards and forwards!

Duplo Dino Coaster

The Duplo Dino Coaster is a fun little intro for someone’s first taste of roller coasters. The dinosaur goes through a couple of dips and around a fast bend but is far from thrilling for any more seasoned theme park goer. The queue for this one is rarely big but beware, even what appears to be a small queue can sometimes take a while to get through with frequent fast pass or RAP users and a slow changeover between the rides. 


L-Drivers is the smaller version of the bigger Lego City Driving School further down and is only suitable for heights of 0.9m – 1.1m. Riders can zoom around a mini track while having full control over a car and even get a licence at the end. All I’ll say is that the ride operators for this one have a whole load of patience! 

Thunder Blazer 

Buckle up for what looks like the most terrifying swing set created on the Thunder Blazer! You’ll be strapped in with a lap bar as the swing you’re on begins to lift and swing until you’re flying through the air with just two long ropes keeping you attached.

Scarab Bouncer

The Scarab Bouncer ride at Legoland Windsor is a small drop tower that bounces up and down after the initial drop. It’s a favourite for our kids, mainly because anyone over the 0.9 height restriction can ride on their own. 

Legoland Rides: Height Restriction Over 1m

Hydra’s Challenge

The Hydra’s Challenge ride is a fun and interactive water ride at Legoland Windsor. Jump onto one of the jet-boat pods as you spin around the outside of the central platform. Beware – spectators can trigger water canons to splash you as you go around. 

The Dragon

The Dragon ride is the fastest ride and main roller coaster at Legoland. While it doesn’t compare to some of the bigger rides at Alton Towers or Thorpe Park, it’s still a fun ride and great for adults and kids alike. Fly through the treetops on the back of the green dragon and come face to face with the red dragon who lives in the castle. 

Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest

Prepare to get absolutely soaked on the Pirate Falls ride at Legoland Windsor! You’ll travel around trying to dodge the pesky pirates before a final big drop ending in a splash. This is another ride where spectators can get you wet so if you weren’t wet after the splash you will be once you pass the giant water canons. 

Jolly Rocker

The Jolly Rocker ride at Legoland Windsor is the larger version of the xx ride and is not for the faint hearted! Jump on the pirate ship as it swings backwards and forwards leaving you looking straight down into the pit below the ship. One to avoid if you have a fear of heights! 

Flight of the Sky Lion 

Flight of the Sky Lion is one of the newer rides in the park which means it’s almost always busy and it’s easy to see why! You start off sitting in cinema style seats when the floor drops away and you start your adventure on the UKs first ever flying theatre ride. Word of warning – if you get motion sickness you’ll want to give this one a miss! 

Fire & Ice Freefall

The Fire & Ice Freefall ride at Legoland Windsor is made up of two spinning drop towers. The queue is normally pretty reasonable for this ride but it doesn’t last for long so use it as a filler ride for when other queues are too long. 

Legoland Rides: Height Restriction Over 1.1

Viking River Splash

While the Viking River Splash ride at Legoland Windsor is a fun ride as you crash through the rapids. Crash is the optimal word here!It can be pretty rough and uncomfortable at times so keep hold of your kids and try to stay in your seat. 

Lego City Driving School

I have to say that the Lego City Driving School is the best driving school I’ve seen – it’s like a mini city with zebra crossings, traffic lights and crossroad junctions. At the end everyone gets a paper driving licence that the kids love, you can even pay extra to get their picture added to it. 

Legoland Rides: Height Restriction Over 1.2

Mia’s Riding Adventure

The Mia’s Riding Adventure ride at Legoland Windsor is a disk that not only rolls backwards and forwards along a half pipe track but spins at the same time – all while you’re clutching onto one of the horses that face outwards. 

Other attractions at Legoland in Windsor

Aside from the rides and attractions above there are many other things to do on your day trip to Legoland Windsor including,

  • Duplo Playtown – a smaller play area with equipment more suited to a younger child.
  • Splash Safari – enjoy the water in this large splash park
  • Drench Towers – don’t forget the swimsuit for the largest water play structure in the UK.
  • Miniland – an impressive collection of model scenes from across the world that features nearly 40 million lego bricks.
  • Ferrari Build and Race Experience – create your own Ferrari race car and zoom through three extreme race tracks.
  • Rebuild the World – immerse yourself in this build experience with a Lego globe made out of more than 200,000 bricks.
  • Model Making Workshop – see the model makers in action
  • Lego Games Zone – play your favourite Lego games on the PS4
  • The Brick – spend some time here to become a master Lego builder
  • Pirate Play Area – a large play area aimed at older children with tall towers and rope bridges
  • Pirate Goldwash – for a small fee you can go hunting for gold and when you collect enough you can trade it in for a gold (not really gold!) medallion
  • The Magical Forest – this magical walkthrough is not only a great way to get from near the Lego hotel to Flight of the Skylion but is pretty cool with lego creatures, smoke and animations. 
  • Creature Creation – fuel your creativity by building your very own Lego mythical creature and finding it a home on the Lego wall. 
  • Lego Studios 4d – 4d cinema showing a range of shows from Lego Mythica, Lego City and Lego Ninjago
  • Duplo Valley Theatre – puppet shows with a comedic twist aimed at younger visitors. 
  • Return to Skeleton Bay Show – swashbuckling pirate themed live action show that’s funny with some surprises along the way!

FAQs about the list of Legoland rides at Windsor

What rides are at Legoland?

Legoland has 30 rides ranging from peaceful underwater submarine rides to rides that spin so fast you’ll think you’re going to come off. 

Are Legoland rides free? 

Once you’re on-site all of the rides are 100% free. Most of the attractions are too with the exception of some fairground games and a gold digging activity that have a small cost.

What are the best Legoland rides?

Some of the best rides at Legoland include Deep Sea Adventure, Flight of the SkyLion, and Haunted House Monster Party. 

Of course this is just my opinion and is probably heavily influenced by the age of my two boys. If you have older kids or are adults travelling alone you may have a different opinion. Having said this, the three rides I’ve chosen as the best Legoland rides I would consider as suitable and fun for the whole family. They’re each completely different and offer a different reason to ride. 

What is the scariest ride in Legoland Windsor?  

I’d have to say that the scariest ride in Legoland Windsor is Jolly Rocker – there’s just something terrifying about when that boat hits at the top and you’re left suspended looking straight down at the pit beneath the boat. Even though the Dragon is the main roller coaster at Legoland, as far as roller coasters go it’s pretty tame which is why I can’t class it as one of the scariest rides at Legoland Windsor! 

Which rides have the longest queues at Legoland?

As the newest ride at Legoland, Flight of the SkyLion has the longest queues at Legoland, often reaching in excess of 60 minutes. To get the best queue times for this ride you either need to head straight there when you arrive, make it your last ride at the end of the day, or take your chance at during the lunchtime hours. 

What is the fastest ride at Legoland? 

Dragon is the fastest ride at Legoland. 

Does Legoland have roller coasters? 

Legoland does have rollercoasters, although these are more geared to younger children rather than the thrill rides available at Alton Towers or Thorpe Park. 

Final Thoughts on the Legoland Rides 

While anyone (including adults) can have fun at Legoland I find that the sweet spot is kids between 0.9 and 1.2. They can go on almost all of the rides and are still young enough to enjoy the shows. There are plenty of restaurants and places to grab a bite to eat but these can be expensive so make sure you take some snacks if you’re on a budget. 

What’s your favourite Legoland ride? Comment below and let us know. 

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