Disneyland Paris Cheyenne Hotel Review

If you’re planning a magical trip to Disneyland Paris then choosing the right accommodation is key to making the most out of your trip. In this post we’ll provide you with a Disneyland Paris Cheyenne Hotel review so that you can decide if this is the right hotel option for your stay at Disney.

Getting the balance of value to budget can be tricky, especially when there are so many onsite and offsite hotel options. In this review we’ll dive into the theme, how to get around and a review of the rooms to give you a full overview of what you can expect from this Wild West inspired town. 

What’s in our Disneyland Paris Cheyenne Hotel Review

Here’s everything we run through in this Cheyenne Hotel review, click on one to be taken straight to that section in the post or keep reading to learn more about the hotel. 

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland Paris?

Planning a trip to Disneyland Paris can be overwhelming, especially for a first timer. If you’re at the start of your planning and soaking in as much Disney knowledge as possible you may be asking yourself “is Disneyland Paris worth it?”.

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Review of the Hotel Cheyenne at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Cheyenne Hotel – the basics

Hotel Cheyenne is one of the on-site hotels at Disneyland Paris. While not one of the most luxurious hotels, this two star budget hotel provides comfort and cleanliness at a reasonable cost. 

Cheyenne Hotel is a great option if you want to do Disneyland Paris on a budget but want to stay close to the parks and keep all of the standard benefits that come with staying at a Disney hotel. Benefits such as access Early Magic Hour, a Zen Guarantee and the hotel exclusive character meets. 

If you have some knowledge of the other Disneyland Paris hotels, Hotel Cheyenne is ranked somewhere between Santa Fe and Sequoia Lodge in terms of quality and price. Newport Bay, Hotel New York and the Disneyland Hotel are all more luxurious and higher cost hotels. 

How to book Hotel Cheyenne? 

The best, and often cheapest way to book your stay is directly on the Disneyland Paris website. Opt for the hotel and tickets package so that you know you have tickets dated for your planned travel dates. The package including transport isn’t always worth it as it can be more expensive than booking your transport separately so bear that in mind. 

If you want to shop around for deals before you book there are some third-party sites you can use to book such as Magic Breaks, Instant Breaks or Attraction Tickets. Just consider that it may be easier to resolve any issues you have in the run up to and travel to Disneyland Paris if you’ve booked with them directly. 

What is the theme at Hotel Cheyenne

The Hotel Cheyenne at Disneyland Paris is built out like a traditional US wild west town with a hardware store, general store and saloon. The theme of the hotel is Toy Story and in the rooms you’ll find this weaved throughout the decor. 

Getting from Hotel Cheyenne to Disneyland Paris

There are two ways to get to the Disney parks from the Disneyland Paris Cheyenne Hotel – you can walk or jump on the free shuttle. 

Walking from the Cheyenne Hotel takes around 15 to 20 minutes and is an easy walk that is well lit and signposted (not that it needs to be, it’s a straight path between Cheyenne and Hotel New York. The path is paved with no steps so it is also suitable for anyone with physical disabilities or pushchairs. 

The free shuttle bus runs regularly throughout the day from a bus stop opposite the Hotel Cheyenne reception to the bus station outside the Marne La Vallee train station, from here you can see the park and it’s a 2 minute walk at most. 

The only time you may struggle with the shuttle bus is during the summer months when there are fireworks. Everyone is leaving at the same time so there are a lot of people trying to squeeze onto the bus. Once the last one leaves your only option would be a taxi or walking back to the hotel, it’s worth considering if it’s easier to make the 15 – 20 minute walk straight away rather than waiting in a queue for the bus only to not be able to get on! 

Check In at Hotel Cheyenne

If you do as much of the virtual check in as you can before you arrive then the check in process when you arrive is pretty painless. I’ve read loads of reviews about how bad check in is and how long it takes but they’re normally a few years old so I guess they’ve done some work on improving this lately. 

Before you go log into the app to complete the virtual check in and make sure you’ve printed the completed police forms for everyone over the age of 16. Once you enter you’ll either be directed to the large check in desk to the left or a smaller reception desk in front of the entry doors. You’ll need to have your passports, police forms ready to complete your check in. Once this is done you’ll receive your magic passes and be ready to head to the park. Rooms normally aren’t ready until closer to 3pm but there is a baggage storage area next to reception and your pass is valid for park entry from the start of your check in day. 

If you have young kids and are worried about them being bored during check you needn’t worry. There is a TV screen with small barrel seats around it next to the reception desk for kids and this area is also where the character meet and greet is so they may be too enraptured by the sight of Woody in real life to move!

The Rooms at Hotel Cheyenne

The rooms at Hotel Cheyenne are a good size with the Toy Story theme threaded throughout. They’re cleaned daily and we’ve never checked into one of their rooms that is anything other than spotless. 

They’re a reasonable size with enough room to comfortably fit a family of 2 adults and 2 kids. If you’re travelling as 4 adults then one room may be a bit uncomfortable. 

The bathroom is a good size with a bath and overhead shower. Towels are provided as standard as well as some themed toiletries. 

The amenities in the room are pretty basic. There are no fridges in the rooms at Hotel Cheyenne, however if you need one for medical reasons then you can request one with the concierge ahead of your stay. There aren’t any tea and coffee making facilities either but there is a hairdryer and a TV with some Disney channels (although as you’d expect they’re in French). 

We love the rooms at Hotel Cheyenne and they work perfectly for us as they’re clean and comfortable, however I have one main issue with the rooms – there are no lifts. As a hotel in one of the most child friendly places to not have lilts is a huge oversight. It’s only one floor but after a long day you want to get straight to your room and crash. You don’t want to have to empty a pushchair to try and carry it, all of your stuff and a baby or toddler up a flight of stairs. 

What characters can you see at Hotel Cheyenne?

You’ve probably already guessed this from the Toy Story theme of Hotel Cheyenne but the characters available to meet in the hotel are Woody, xx and xx. You can meet them daily, usually first thing in the morning in the hotel reception. This is a major benefit of staying at an on-site hotel as the queue is much smaller than if you were to try and meet them in the park. 

Eating and Drinking at Hotel Cheyenne

In terms of food and drink at Hotel Cheyenne you have three options. For a full meal visit the Chuck Wagon Cafe for an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner. For a more relaxed experience head to the Red Garter Saloon to grab a pizza and a wide choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If you’re on the move then the onsite Starbucks serves sandwiches, snacks, cakes and coffee. 

Disneyland Paris Cheyenne Hotel Review – Final Thoughts

Hotel Cheyenne is a great budget option for your Disneyland Paris stay that still provides tons of value. While it’s more expensive than off-site hotels the benefits of being onsite outweigh the additional cost. 

For us, there’s no value in paying to stay at one of the more luxurious hotels onsite because we spend so little time in our room. By the time we get back we just want to crash on a comfortable and clean bed in a peaceful setting. 

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