Ibiza for Families: Everything You Need to Know

Often thought of as a party island, Ibiza has so much more to offer than just nightlife. Filled with crystal-clear waters, and family-friendly locals, Ibiza is the perfect spot for families to enjoy a relaxing holiday. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about travelling to Ibiza for families. Based on tips we’ve picked up  from our experiences visiting Ibiza, this guide will try to answer all your questions on what to expect when visiting this Island paradise. From boat trips to castles, we’ll explore the best activities for families on the island. We’ll also introduce you to the local cuisine and recommend some family-friendly restaurants for any picky eaters in the family. All that’s left is to pack your bags, grab the sunscreen and discover a new side of Ibiza that you may not have known existed. 

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Where is Ibiza? 

Ibiza is part of a group of Spanish islands known as the Balearic Islands and is located off the southeastern coast of Spain. The other islands in the Balearic Islands group include Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera. 

Ibiza is made up of five municipalities which consist of Saint Juan to the North East, Saint Antoni to the North West, Saint Eulària to the South East and Saint Jose to the West. Situated on the coast alongside the borders of Saint Eulària and Saint Jose is ibiza Town (Eivissa)

How do you get to Ibiza? 

You can get to Ibiza either by flying in from another airport in Europe or by jumping on a ferry from Mallorca, Formentera or several ports on mainland Spain. If travelling by plane it takes between 1 to 2.5 hours depending on where you’re travelling from. The ferry is slightly longer at up to 8 hours – although arguably a much nicer journey!

What month is best to visit Ibiza? 

The best time to visit Ibiza is from May to October when temperatures can reach highs of 30 degrees and the island is buzzing with activity. November to April is considered low season and while flight costs may be reduced during these times the temperature also drops to around 19 degrees. You’ll also find that there is less to do with very few restaurants and shops open, particularly in the smaller resorts.

Ibiza coastline. Rolling green hills behind the blue ocean

Is Ibiza child friendly? 

Yes, Ibiza is child friendly. There are family-friendly beaches, plenty of restaurants with children’s menus and friendly locals. 

One example of our interaction with a local that gave us a family friendly experience is when we took the ferry to Ibiza Town. You buy the tickets from a little kiosk where the boat docks with just one person serving. When we bought our tickets the woman in the kiosk was making little fish out of pieces of card and handing them out to the children to play with. 

What is the best part of Ibiza for families?

Although there are many small resorts dotted around the coastline of Ibiza, there are some that are more well known for being family-friendly. These include Es Cana, Cala Tarida and Portinatx. 

Es Caná

Despite being considered a small resort Es Caná still has a good choice of bars, restaurants and shops. There are a lot of family-friendly activities to do in the local area and in the middle of town you can find a small funfair that opens in the early evening.  Sitting on the south side of the island close to the large resort of Saint Eulària des Riu, you get the best of both worlds. It’s close enough to Ibiza Town that you don’t feel isolated, but just a short 15 minute walk out of town and you’ll find yourself in the oasis of Cala Nova. 

Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida is a small resort that sits on the west side of Ibiza and is around a 10 -15 minute drive from both San José and San Antonio. The resort itself is on the small side with a few beach clubs, shops and restaurants making it ideal for families as everything is close and it’s a peaceful area. 


Portinatx is a peaceful resort on the north of the island and is popular with families who are drawn by the family centred hotels, varied activities and three stunning beaches. There are plenty of restaurants and beach clubs with some nighttime activity – although more subdued than San Antonio or Ibiza Town. 

View from between two houses overlooking the Ibiza Town harbour

Is Ibiza expensive for a family holiday? 

Yes, Ibiza can be expensive. In fact, it’s among the most expensive places in Spain. This is particularly true in the most popular areas where tourists visit expecting to spend more for luxury hotels, good food and world-class DJs. Don’t let this put you off visiting though as it is possible to visit Ibiza and stick to a budget. 

Where to stay in Ibiza for families?

Leonardo Royal Hotel Ibiza and Suites (formerly Alua Miami Ibiza)

This Es Cana based hotel has many amenities that make it the perfect spot for families. Aside from the standard stuff like kids entertainment, play area and kids club there are a few extras worth mentioning. There’s a splash park with a pirate ship in addition to a reasonably sized pool, as well as a games room with some arcade games and a pool table. In terms of location this spot is great as it’s on the beach with access leading from the pool area. The staff were also very friendly and accommodating, we arrived at around 11pm and were given free bottles of water and access to the snack buffet laid on for late arrivals (despite booking self catering). What we liked most is that you can choose to stay in all inclusive or self catering accommodation but still have access to all of the standard family-friendly activities. 

You can book the Leonardo Royal Hotel Ibiza and Suites on booking.com

Balansat Resort

This resort is 25 mins drive from Portinatx and aside from the standard pools and kids club has a few reasons why it’s on our list of great hotels in Ibiza for families. Firsty, there is an onsite mini-mart which is so handy to have close for essentials when you’re travelling with kids. There is also a play park and a pretty cool splash park with several slides and fountains. You can also have the flexibility of many different board choices including self catering and all inclusive. 

You can book the Balansat Resort on booking.com

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Where to eat in Ibiza with children? 

As a parent there are a few things I look for in a family-friendly restaurant. Firstly, it needs to have some form of music playing rather than silence. It also needs a children’s menu so that I’m not paying full price for them to eat half a portion. Finally, a truly family-friendly restaurant needs to have something for kids to do – whether that’s colouring sheets or a full blown soft play. Below are some restaurants that I think hit that criteria and offer a family-friendly experience. 


Marvent can be found close to the beachfront in Es Caná. Not only does it have a great kids menu (with the BEST chicken strips if you ask our 6 year old) but there is also a free soft play at the back of the restaurant meaning parents can enjoy their meal while the kids are entertained. 


Beachouse in Playa d’en Bossa has a beachclub vibe with a miniature version for kids. Inside they’ll be able to take part in arts and crafts, yoga, face painting and other games

Chiringuito Blue

Chiringuito Blue sits on the sands of Saint Eulària beach where the organise family weekends. From 1pm on weekends adults can relax and soak in the sun while children are supervised in their eco conscious children’s area. 

Are there things to do in Ibiza for families?

Despite being a small Island Ibiza has a wide selection of activities available. From boat trips to water sports and even a castle, you’ll find something for the whole family to enjoy. 

For more information about what’s on offer take a look at our post covering 10 activities everyone can enjoy on an Ibiza holiday for families

Wooden ceiling of a white Spanish church with archway walls

FAQ: Ibiza for families

Is it easy to get around Ibiza without a car? 

It is possible to get around Ibiza without a car, however it takes planning and time as you’ll need to rely on the bus network – there are no trains. Your other option is to jump on a ferry or two if you want to go around the island rather than straight across it. 

Is 4 nights enough in Ibiza? 

Ibiza is a small island so 4 nights is enough for you to experience some of what Ibiza has to offer without feeling like you’re missing out. 

Can Ibiza be done on a budget? 

Ibiza can be done on a budget if you plan and are careful. Access to the beaches are free, as are some activities like the hippy markets. A lot of the activities and ferry’s are also reasonably priced. Food and drink is where you need to cut back if you’re on a budget. Our top tips for travelling to Ibiza on a budget are to visit quieter resorts, look around to find the best value restaurants and go self catering to avoid eating out for every meal. To save money one night we grabbed a couple of takeaway pizzas and had a picnic on the beach. We still felt like we were eating out but it cost much less than sitting and eating in a restaurant. 

Final thoughts on travelling to Ibiza for families

Despite Ibiza having a reputation for its nightlife, it’s also a great destination for families. From beautiful beaches to water sports and relaxing boat trips, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy. We hope this guide has helped you discover the family-friendly side of Ibiza and has inspired you to plan your next family holiday to this Spanish Island. 

Are you planning a family trip to Ibiza? Let us know below if you have any questions we haven’t covered and we’ll come back to you.

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