Can You Do 2 Parks in 1 Day at Disneyland Paris?

The Disney parks are the most magical place with so much to explore and experience. But what do you do if your only option is a day trip? Can you do two parks in one day at Disneyland Paris? If you’re staying in Paris and are considering whether to take a day out of the city and visit Disneyland Paris I say do it! 

It absolutely is possible to do Disneyland Paris in one day, it just takes some extra planning. We’ve written this post to help you plan your day with our 7 best tips to visit Disneyland Paris in one day.

If you’re not sure what rides you want to visit and are planning on doing some more research before you make your own plan of action then take a look at our best rides for kids, or best toddler rides if you’re travelling with younger family members.

What’s in this post?

If there is a tip in this post that you’re particularly interested in you can skip straight there by clicking on that tip in the contents section below. If not, then continue reading to learn all about how to do 2 parks in 1 day at Disneyland Paris

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland Paris?

Planning a trip to Disneyland Paris can be overwhelming, especially for a first timer. If you’re at the start of your planning and soaking in as much Disney knowledge as possible you may be asking yourself “is Disneyland Paris worth it?”.

If you’re travelling with kids for the first time you’ll want to soak up all of the Disneyland Paris hints, tips and tricks. With all of the souvenirs, food and toys to buy it can be an expensive trip so you’ll find an entire post dedicated to visiting Disneyland Paris on a budget.

Is one day enough for Disneyland Paris?

Is one day enough to see absolutely everything that Disneyland has to offer? No. However, one day is enough at Disneyland Paris to have that Disney experience and get a taste of what’s on offer including rides, shoes, attractions and great food. 

Can you see both Disneyland Paris parks in one day?

At Disneyland Paris there are two parks – the main Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park. Both are different with separate theming, characters, food and rides. It’s absolutely worth trying to experience both during your visit but is it possible?

It is possible to see some of what both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park have to offer in one day. However, it takes a lot of planning and careful prioritisation as you can’t see everything. 

7 tips to visit Disneyland Paris in one day

Use the app

The Disneyland Paris app is incredibly helpful with an interactive map, queue wait times, show timings and even restaurant menus. It’s well worth downloading to keep you organised and on track – something that’s essential if you’re visiting Disneyland Paris for just one day. 

Have a rough plan but be flexible

It’s good to have a rough idea of what you want to do and what rides you want to go on to stay on track. However, if your plan is to do a ride now that has a huge queue, remember to be mindful that you only have one day and flex your plan to move onto a ride that has a lower queue time. All queues tend to quiet down later in the day so circle back to that ride you really want to do a bit later. 

Visit in the summer months

In the summer months the park closes at 10pm. However, in the winter months the park closes at 8pm. This means that in the summer you get an extra 2 hours of ride time – it’s usually quiet ride time too!  Bonus Tip: Use the Early Magic Hours

Bonus Tip: If you only have one day at Disneyland Paris but are staying at one of the Disney hotels the night before make sure you make the most out of being able to get into the park an hour earlier than everyone else with the Early Magic Hour. We love staying at Hotel Cheyenne as the theming is really cool but it still provides great value for money with a really reasonable cost.

Pre-book your show tickets

I wouldn’t recommend this on any other post as you can queue and get great seats without having to pre-book your tickets. However, the queue starts building 45 – 60 mins before the show starts so if you don’t have that long to wait in a queue just to get into the show then I’d suggest biting the bullet and pre-booking.

Be at the front of the queue when the park opens

It’s easy to underestimate the sheer volume of people trying to get into the Disneyland Paris park if it’s your first visit. If you can arrive early enough to be one of the first people in when the rope drops then you’ll have plenty of time to get to your first ride. 

Eat breakfast in the Disney Village first

Once you’re in the park you want to focus your time on getting on rides before most of the crowds make their way into the park. When you’re on a tight time limit don’t waste some of this quieter early morning time to eat breakfast when you can do it before the park is open.

Pay for premier access

If getting on as many rides as possible is important to you then you can book premier access, Disneyland Paris’ version of a fast pass. It’s not a cheap option at upwards of $150 or £100 per person per day so make sure it’s right for you before you book. 

Summary: can you do two parks in one day at Disneyland Paris?

Ultimately, you can experience some of what’s on offer if you’re trying to visit two parks in one day at Disneyland Paris. Can you see absolutely everything that both parks have to offer? No, however you can still have a great experience and get stuck into the Disney magic!

If I had to choose one tip for someone planning a 1 day itinerary to Disneyland Paris would be to do research before you go to build out your plan and have some idea of where you want to go and what you want to do. You can use blogs (like this one), the Disneyland Paris website and Youtube to get inspiration, an understanding of the layout of the parks, and see what others liked (and didn’t!).

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